eServices are subscription services provided by the Broward County Clerk of Courts. These services provide advanced access and conveniences to court case information. While some services are free to use, others may require fees to cover the cost of development and maintenance.

Case Access Services

Case Access Services are services which allow users and attorney's additional access to cases and documents not available through the Public (Anonymous) Case Search.

Attorney of Record Access

View All Your Court Cases

For Florida Bar Attorneys Only!

If you are an Attorney you should subscribe to this service. This service provides Attorneys with additional access to all cases on which you are an attorney of record.

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Registered User Access

View Non-Confidential Information

For Non-Attorneys!

This service allows a user to gain access to additional case information and images for Family and Probate cases.

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Commercial Data Services

Commercial Data Services are services targeting individuals or companies. Typically, users of these services want to access data in bulk.

Commercial Data Access (API) Service

Programmatic Access Case Data

NEW! Looking to automate access to case data for your company? This service is a Web API that allows you to build an application program interface (API) to access court cases information programmatically.

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Advanced Search Service

Use Advanced Search Queries

NEW! Looking for more advanced case search functionality? This service allows you to search by more complex search queries. Search by party name, party ID, hearings, filing information and dispositions.

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Other Services

Other Services are services offered for your convenience.


Track Court Cases

eTrack is a case tracking service which enables you to track Civil, Family, Probate, Felony, Traffic and Misdemeanor cases filed in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County, Florida.

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