Electronic Certified Documents


Broward County Clerk of the Court is now offering Electronic Certified Court Documents for purchase on the Clerk's website. Each electronic certified document uses advanced encrypted features to produce a tamper proof electronic certified document that will include a unique Clerk of Court digital signature.

With Electronic Certified Documents, local governments are taking steps to serve a digital society and tackle document fraud while increasing efficiency.

Benefits of Electronic Certified Documents are:

  • Online
  • Real-time
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Environmental friendly

Purchase Documents Online

Electronic certified court documents are now available for purchase on the Clerk's website. Only viewable electronic court documents may be purchased online.

In order to purchase an Electronic Certified Court Document on the website, the document must be in a viewable electronic format. If the case and/or document you are looking for is not available for viewing on the website, you may submit a Court Records Request, or contact the appropriate Clerk of Court Location to order, purchase or view copies of paper court records.

How to Purchase Electronic Certified Court Documents Online:

  • Perform an Online Case Search to locate the case.
  • On the Case Search results page, select the case number to view the case detail.
  • Select the Purchase Certified Copies button.
  • Accept the terms of service to start the purchase process.
  • Upon completion of purchase, you will receive an email from eCertify@browardclerk.org with links to the certified documents. The amount of time it will take to deliver the Electronic Certified Document(s) will depend on your email server. It is normal to have to wait for a couple of minutes before receiving an email to your inbox.

What types of Electronic Court Documents are available Online?

Below is a summary of the type of electronic court documents that are available for access online.

Civil Court Records - Filed on or after 04/01/2013

Juvenile and Adoption Court Records - Filed on or after 01/06/2014

Criminal Court Records - Filed on or after 01/06/2014

  • Circuit Criminal Felony
  • Traffic and Misdemeanor

Verify Electronic Certified Document

Clerk E-Certify provides two fast and easy ways to verify and authenticate both your printed copies and your electronic certificates that have been issued by the Broward County Clerk's Office.

To better explain how to verify a document, a video has been provided on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions